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sunGROOM Hydroponic Manual Trimmer


Specifications Size: 16“ x 13" 1. Clear Plastic Top for better Visibility 2. Removable Handle 3. Black silicone ring 4. Stainless bottom bowl 5. Black silicone finger 6. Anodized aluminum finger frame 7. 4 pcs rubber foot on bottom

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sunGROOM revolving leaf trimmer cuts down your hand trim time x 30 and eliminates the need to trim with scissors ever again. The cylinder design rotates blades in a spiral motion gyrating loose any stems, leaves, and lose seeds without damaging flowers. Clear plastic top gives you a birds eye view of the process so you know when finished. Separates leaves and stems drop down to the bottom bowl area after being cut loose. 

Spherical bowl shape encapsulates flower allowing an even trim distribution of 360 degrees
Spindle blade motion rotates and gyrates to increase trim time and save you money.
Blades strong and durable will not damage your flowers.
Unlike solid metal trimmers, the clear plastic top gives you a birds eye view of your trimming process leaving no guessing behind.
Speeds up your hand trim time x 30