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WYZworks 5L Stainless Steel Manual Sausage Stuffer


Specifications: Capacity: 5L . Tube sizes: 10MM, 20MM, 30MM, 35MM. Size: 73x35x31 cm. Package Includes: 1x Sausage Stuffer 4x filling tubes

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Product code: WYZ-SAUSAGE-FILLR-5L

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WYZworks Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer is perfect for your home kitchen or small business. Stuff almost any type of sausage with the heavy duty 3L-16L capacity cylinder. Attach up to 4 interchangeable filling tubes ranging from 10MM-35MM. Precision gears manually crank descending piston into place providing maximum accuracy while filling casings. Expand your culinary experience and customizing recipes. Eliminate fillers that may be in store bought fillings. Prepping filling yourself ensures the highest quality ingredients while maximizing profits at the same time.


• 4 detachable filling tubes provide a variety of sausage gauges ranging from 10MM, 20MM, 30MM, and 35M

• Removable Heavy duty stainless steel piston and cylinder casing is easy to clean and maintain.

• Eliminate unnecessary and unwanted fillers that are hidden in most store bought sausages.

• Save time and money by maximizing your production.

• Manual crank provides an accurate filling as the gears turn at your desired speed making a smooth and easy filling process.