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sunGROOM Adjustable Rope Ratchet Clip Hanger 2pk


Package include: 2pk x sunGROOM Adjustable 1/8" 8ft Braided Polypropylene Rope Ratchet Clip Hangers (Each Pack Contains 2 ratchets)

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sunGROOM Rope Ratchet Hanger makes your grow process simple and efficient. Swiftly ascend and descend your grow lights with these ratchets throughout all stages of your grow process. Set aside grow lights for easy access when it's time to groom and feed your crop. Rope Ratchets each have a maximum weight capacity of 75 lb and a combined weight capacity of 150 lbs.

It is recommended to attach Rope Ratchets to calipers at the end of your grow lights so that weight is evenly dispersed. Doing so will prevent damage to your grow tents structural integrity Another option is to attach the Rope calipers directly to your ceiling. However, we recommend seeking professional help with this process if needed. Always make sure that your grow lights do not exceed the maximum combined weight of the Rope Ratchets. Happy growing.


• Combined Max Weight of 150 lbs

• Easy clip on and off pull away attachment system. Access your crop easily for feeding and grooming.

• Attach to your grow tent or directly to your ceiling or to the poles of a grow tent.

• Swiftly ascend and descend your equipment with ease.