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Tactical Equipment

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    LIVABIT UV LED Flash Light Blood Detection / Fake Money Detector

    Counterfeit Protection. The UV light can reveals the hidden anti-counterfeit symbols to ensure authenticity of currency note or some important documents such as ID card, driver license, passport, etc. and identify the authenticity of amber, bead and more treasures. Strong Construction and Portable Design. Made of heavy duty aluminum alloy shell, the light body is strong and sturdy enough for durability. Rough surface design and handy wrist strap make it easy to grip and carry. Spot Dried Pet Urine Stain. You can use this UV flashlight to spot dried urine stain of dogs, cats or other pets on carpet, rugs, clothes or food stains on table or floor, etc. Hunt Scorpions. When you use this UV flashlight to illuminate scorpions at dark, the scorpions will emit fluorescence which makes scorpions visible at dark. 51 LEDs Ultraviolet Flashlight. This UV flashlight with 395nm wavelength adopts LED light source which is more energy-efficient, energy-saving than normal light source and it has wider light coverage area and longer life span. Powered by 3 AA batteries(not included but commonly available in the market), safe and easy to use. Learn More

    LIVABIT Tactical Right Leg Holster Adjustable Fastener Pistol Handgun Black

    This Adjustable Universal Holster features several flaps with hook and loop fasteners. This allows the shooter to adjust the fit around their pistol. Whether the shooter’s pistol is equipped with a tactical flashlight/laser that is attached to their pistols accessory rail or not. This holster can be easily changed to fit various pistol types or several configurations of the same pistol.
    - Retention system with additional hook and loop strap to secure weapon 
    - Adjustable Hook & loop strap to secure weapon 
    - One Pouch with adjustable Hook & Loop flap 
    - Leg straps feature anti-slip rubber stitching 
    - Double 1.25" adjustable webbing leg straps with side release buckles 
    - Fits most medium to large size pistols 
    - Size: Fully Adjustable
    Learn More

    LIVABIT Heavy Duty Tactical Utility Belt for Law Enforcement, Security, and Military

    Fully customizable, adjustable, and durable LIVABIT Heavy Duty Tactical Utility Belt is designed to meet and exede your demands. The belt includes 9 multifunctional holders are distributed throughout the loop system allowing you to detach and customize to your liking.

    • Heavy duty utility belt harness built with a durable quick release clip. Easy to put on and easy to take off. Manufactured to last.
    • Fully customizable belt loop system includes 9 multifunctional holders to fit your needs. Add and Subtract pieces as desired.
    • Cases retain shape throughout use.
    • Adjusts to fit your waist. Fits on comfortably. Industry standard, used by many novice and professionals alike. 
    Learn More

    LIVABIT Tactical Modular Defense Utility Heavy Duty Military Molle Vest

    Product Description:

    •  LIVABIT Tactical Modular Defense Utility Heavy Duty Molle Vest for Law Enforcement, Military, or Security. Designed with functionality in mind, ready to go in the field or in training.
    • Built to Last: Features include an extra strength zipper, durable mesh, and special lining to eliminate the effect of heat and moisture.
    • Universal Utility Pouches located throughout Including multiple expandable Rifle Mag pouches, a Radio/Phone shoulder pouch, removable shotgun shell holder, inner lining mesh pouches for documents and hydration bladder, and detachable Velcro pouches.
    • Designed to fit almost anyone, our vest is adjustable with Velcro shoulder straps and fully adjustable girth straps to provide a one size fits all fit.
    • Removable heavy duty belt harness built with a quick release clip designed to hold and support add on utility pouches (E.g. hand cuff, mace, badges).
    • Extra stick sniper right shoulder shooting pad.
    • Universal mesh utility pouch located in the internal back lining, stores hydration pack nicely.
    • Mesh material back and front lining for maximum moisture and heat relief.
    • 2 internal mesh document pockets located at the lower abdomen.
    • Heavy Duty vest zipper.
    • MOLLE back loop system to carry additional gear.
    • Adjustable girth straps to accommodate varying chest and back sizes.
    • Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps
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    LIVABIT Adjustable Sling 550 Paracord Strap Dual Point 360 Rotating Swivel Black

    LIVABIT Paracord Strap Perfect for any Hunter, Survivalist, Avid Outdoor, or Zombie Buster.This very attractive sling will enhance the look of any rifle with it's eye popping colors. The sling adjusts from 38" to 46" and it's approximately 1 3/8" wide. It features quick detach swivels used for standard swivels mounts. - Size: Adjustable from 38" to 46" and it's approximately 1 3/8" wide. - Dual Point With 360 Swivels - Color: Black - Material: High Quality 7-strand type III 550LB Paracord Made from approximately 70 feet of high quality 7-strand type III 550LB Paracord (Parachute cord), and 2 feet of 3,000 LB breaking strength 100% nylon webbing. Paracord has literally 100s of survival applications and can be used in case of an emergency for tourniquets, shelters, splints, gurneys, snares, traps, fishing lines, and many other uses. Learn More
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